All About Drum Concrete Mixers

A drum concrete mixer is vital equipment that is used during construction of bridges, buildings and many other structures. This apparatus is also commonly known a drum cement mixer. This apparatus obtained its name from its purpose. The major task of a concrete aggregator is to make a consistent combined mixture of sand or gravel, water and cement in order to make a strong and durable concrete. Our factory has specialized in producing the machine for many years, you can see our site:

How Does It Work?

The equipment normally comprises a revolving drum into which the needed components are put together for the mixing process. The revolving drum is usually attached to a motor which supplies the mechanical power. When the motor is started, the components inside of the drum spin and get mixed homogeneously. Meanwhile, the pan concrete mixers sale of our factory can mix concrete quickly and evenly.
concrete drum mixer

Properties Of A Concrete Drum Mixer

A typical cement drum mixer is made up of the following three major properties:

-Revolving drum- The drum contains a number of blades that are crucial in spinning of the various components or materials.

-A motor- Motor forms part of the electrical part of the mixer. The size of the motor will depend on the size of the drum in order to ensure it is able to supply the needed power to revolve the load.

-Control panel- The panel holds two switches; one (Green colored) for starting the motor and the other (red colored) is used when stopping the motor.

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Types Of Mixers

There are various types of concrete drum mixers on the market today. Below are the main types of drum mixers:

-Non-Tilting Mixer: Rotates about a horizontal axis. Average capacity is 1 CY.

-Tilting Drum Mixer: Suitable for concrete with large sized aggregate and have a fast discharge rate.

-Reversing Drum Mixer: They usually rotate in one direction when mixing and in a different direction when discharging. They have different sets of blades for each operation.


There are a number of advantages that are realized in using drum mixers as opposed to the tradition methods of making concrete. Some of these advantages include:

-Time saving: This is mainly because they are electrically operated, which makes the whole process fast.

-Consistent mixer: The drums are able to discharge a mixture that is consistent as per the stipulated standards of the construction industry.

-High Productivity: Drum mixers are especially important in any construction because they can discharge large amounts of concrete within a very short time. So does our twin shaft mixers.

-Minimal Costs; These types of mixers ensure minimal production costs. They also have the lowest operating costs as well as the maintenance costs.

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