Container Gantry Crane

A machine used to move heavy objects, usually by suspending them from an arm or a
projected beam, is called a crane. There are many different types of cranes
available, including Gantry Crane. The container gantry crane with the
self-supporting system can be installed on the floor to facilitate use when
changing heavy tools. This instrument is connected to the set of tracks or by
four wheels.

The alternative option to heavy cranes:

For an industry that deals with lifting heavy objects, it is difficult to manage
maintenance and transport equipment between two buildings, in such a situation
that the container gantry crane makes sense. In fact, it’s a perfect choice if
the manufacturer doesn’t have a long-term plan. One of the best parts of this
crane, the track structure is not necessary. Furthermore, the installation is
quite easy and fast, compared to other cranes that require a lot of work on the
mechanism. Goliath, which has a similar feature and helps to lift large hull
blocks from one place to another.

Instead, the manufacturer only chooses these cranes:

• If the investor is economically limited in investing in a massive bridge crane in
track structures.

• When there is a simple alternative to change the equipment for the interior and
exterior of the system.

Container gantry crane suppliers provide this useful bridge tool in different sizes.
These instruments are available in sizes from 20 tons and can reach up to 130
tons. In addition, they have different characteristics, such as a double-beam
structure with a torsion bar, double beam, a 14-tonne auxiliary hoist and much
more. The best thing is that both Goliath / Gantry cranes can be controlled by
a single operator from the control station, reducing the risk of accidents.

Different variations:

These cranes are available in varieties that include: container, roof, frame, rubber
, etc. Portal crane suppliers provide two distinct categories: manual and

·Portable porch (manual)

·Adjustable porch (manual)

·Motorized stand

Each type of crane brings its benefits and features. Manual porches are used to send
equipment and are light, but have a high price. On the other hand, the engines
are easy to transport and are needed on the slopes.

The description of the crane.

The container gantry cranes designed with two vertical beams and therefore a cross beam. It has two legs in the shape of an A-frame with wheels on the bottom to make it
portable and mobile. The gantry cranes are available in different types to perform
different tasks in different sectors. The type of container crane is a container
gantry crane mounted on a rail from ship to land that lifts the containers from
the dock and moves along the tracks to place the containers on the ship.
Likewise, gantry cranes for workstations are used to lift and transport
relatively smaller objects around the work area of ​​a factory or machine shop. This
type of container gantry crane remains stationary while it is loaded and
movable while unloaded.

Another type is the container gantry crane mounted on rails, which works with
electricity and is found mainly in factory applications, such as steel yards,
paper mills or locomotive repairers. Its capacity varies from 2 to 200 tons and
its production is greater than that. The gantry cranes are available in fixed
or adjustable height so you can choose them according to your needs. In the
adjustable type, the container gantry crane has flanges in the support beams
and these protrusions allow the hoist to move at different heights.

If you have a small production unit, you can use a single-radius gantry crane, which
is smaller than normal and has wheels that can be fixed in different areas of
the factory. But you are a slightly bigger unit and you have to lift heavier
objects, so you should opt for a double-beam portal crane. Therefore, different
types of gantry cranes are used in different sectors to solve various material
handling problems. If you can’t find the container gantry crane that solves
your problems, then you can look for custom-made gantry cranes from many
manufacturers, just let them know your needs and answer your questions to
create a special piece for you.


In the modern era, it’s not necessary to limit yourself to your own country, but you
can browse online and surf the web to get the product you want from various
online websites around the world and compare their prices.

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