How To Choose The Appropriate Type Of Aluminum Alloy

There are so many different types of aluminum alloy that are manufactured today. The difference in each one depends on the consistency and mixture of the different metals that are used with the aluminum. They have actually devised a system by which you can choose them based upon what series they are in. Each one is going to have different characteristics that will be good or bad for the particular project or profession that you are in. For example, if you need to get something that you can use for decorative reasons, this is going to be different than selecting a type of aluminum that is malleable. Here is a brief overview of the different wrought aluminum alloys that are available for purchase. This will help you decide on which one will be best suited for your professional project.

Wrought Aluminum Alloys Overview

As you look at the different ones that are available, you will see that each of them is distinct in a certain way. For example, if you start with the 1000 series aluminum, this is a type of aluminum that can be work hardened. The 2000 series is a type of metal that is precipitation hardened, and when compared to steel, it is very similar. 3000 series aluminum is work hardened, but it also uses a substantial amount of manganese. 4000 series aluminum is primarily used for what is called casting. It will have quite a bit of silicon. The 5000 series aluminum alloy uses a large amount of magnesium, however they may also substitute manganese to increase its overall strength. 6000 series aluminum uses a combination of silicon and magnesium in large quantities. This is going to be precipitation hardened, and most professionals will refer to this as a general purpose type of aluminum. The 7000 series uses zinc. By doing so, it can because the strength of the aluminum to be maximized. Finally, the last in this list of wrought aluminum alloys is 8000 series, and may also be substituted with aluminum lithium alloys.

How To Choose The Right One For Your Particular Profession

An example of how you can choose this would be to compare the differences between the 5000 series and 6000 series types of aluminum. The 5000 series is going to be extremely durable when it comes to interacting with salt water. Other types of aluminum may not do as well. Therefore, when you are working with marine related products, this is what you will use. It is common to see this type of material on a ship or vessel that is going to be out in the ocean. Conversely, you could use the 6000 series which is going to be used with aircraft. Most fuselages will use this material, as well as those that produce tactical flashlights, scuba tanks, and also aluminum cans. This is just a quick example of how you can tell the difference between which type of aluminum alloy that you will need to use. Official site:

Using this brief overview, it should be clear how you can go through this list of aluminum alloys and find the one that would be best suited for your project. If you are not able to get specific information, those that are selling aluminum products are going to be able to help. You should be able to place your order the same day that you find a company that is offering low prices. They will have exactly what you need and will be able to ship it out so that you can use it with your business.

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