20 Ton Gantry Crane Specifications And Structure Information

Have you ever thought of purchasing a new 20 ton Gantry Crane (кран козловой 20 т) for your business? You may have several of these at your facility, but it has been years since you updated the ones that you are currently operating. Maintenance can often keep them going for many years past the point where they will need to be replaced. However, if it is time to do so, you need to start looking for a new one. To do this, you must consider the structural information about the ones that are being sold, and also the specifications that are listed for each of the 20 ton cranes that you will find.

20 Ton Gantry Crane sales
20 Ton Gantry Crane

Structural Information About Gantry Cranes

The structure of a gantry crane usually represents how it is built. The way that it is built often refers to how much it can lift. For example, if you have a gantry crane that can lift 20 tons, it is usually designed in a way that can support that amount of weight. The hydraulic power behind the gantry crane is only part of the equation. If you are going to install an overhead double girder gantry crane, it must have the rated capacity to do so. Once you have determine which ones can lift 20 tons, you will then want to consider the specifications that each one has.

Specifications For Each Of These Cranes

Sometimes referred to as the specs, the specifications or parameters by which these operate are final considerations to look at. You will compare each one when looking at the lifting height and lifting capacity. The lifting speed and traveling speed are also factors that are very important. Also look at the working class and lifting height for each gantry crane that you would like to have installed. After you have compared this information with all of the others you have found, there will be one that will look the most appealing. You will then want to get an estimate on the total cost of that product, and the cost of shipping, before making your final decision. Under normal circumstances, Chinese suppliers can offer lower prices and lift more famous suppliers such as Weihua. Ltd and Aimix Group.

Truss Gantry Crane 20 ton
20 Ton Gantry Crane in China

Specs On A 20 Ton Gantry Crane

If the gantry crane must lift a maximum of 20 tons, you may want to get one that can lift a little bit more. This is very true if most of the items that you are going to be lifting, such as heavy containers, will approach this amount of weight every time that they arrive at your facility. Therefore, your primary concern will be about the lifting capacity. If speed is important to you, then the lifting speed and traveling speed of the trolley will also factor in. This information alone can help you make your decision on choosing an overhead gantry crane that can lift 20 tons or more.

Assessing gantry cranes does not have to be difficult. That’s why there are websites that will present this information which is easy to understand. You will quickly have several that look promising, a couple of which you will want to order. Your final decision is usually based upon how long it will take to ship to you, it’s price, and how much weight it can actually lived. Whether you are replacing one that you have right now, or you are getting your first gantry crane, these suggestions will help you obtain one that will last for quite some time.

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